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– Lindsay Marten Ellis

Low Tox Living + Beauty

Decades of studies show that serious health issues (including asthma, cancer, and infertility – just to name a few) are on the rise in North America and are linked to ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals… Whether it’s in the shower, on our commute, eating at a local restaurant, or cleaning our kitchen at home.⁣ There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today, and most don’t have any safety data. ⁣What in the heck?! This is particularly true of those used in the personal care and beauty industry, which is where my passions lie! 

But don’t you worry, I am here help put your mind at ease. Start your journey of transitioning to products for your body and home using healthier ingredients with my guidance. Let me help empower you with tools and information, while gaining access to The Spark Collective: a beautiful community of women cleaning up many aspects of our lives and making radical shifts in how we live, show up in the world, and care for those we love.  

Empowerment + Mentorship

My life’s work expands beyond sharing solutions through safer products, ingredient safety education, and advocacy for reform in the beauty industry. It is a personal growth journey beyond your wildest imagination.  If you are a high-performing female looking to level up, you’ve come to the right place. Allow me to help you create, lead, and serve from an even more abundant space by adding even more community, purpose, impact, security, and freedom to your life.

My mentoring style is simple… I will empower you to lead from your heart, earn abundantly (financially and beyond), feel your power, and experience massive transformation in the process. You will gain access to The Counter Collective: a mass movement of likeminded, powerful, ambitious women (and a few good men) who will inspire, guide, support, and lead with you.

 A Little About Lindsay 

Hi, I’m Lindsay, founder of Living Well by Lindsay, Inc which is a women’s wellness and empowerment company birthed out of my own transformational healing journey and my desire to empower other women to transform too. You know what they say… We rise by lifting others… And I am here for it!

I wear many hats outside of being an entrepreneur and business owner, but let’s be honest, what woman doesn’t wear many hats? These include wife, rescue pup mama, thought leader, eternal optimist, friend (you know that kind that never sugar coats what you really need to hear), former environmental engineer (although managing projects is still my jam and I still love being a professional problem solver), and an educator with the disruptive leader in clean beauty at Beautycounter.

I am extremely passionate about sharing my holistic healing story to empower other women to shine their beauty without compromising their health. What makes me tick is empowering women to reclaim their spark — to light up the world without burning out and to shine so bright it allows other women permission to do the same.

My life’s work is devoted to helping women to transform their wellbeing using a soulful, magnetic, body-based approach. I want all women to feel the sense of vitality, flow, and freedom that I feel every single day. Every woman deserves that.

Living Well by Lindsay is a community, a sacred place, a landing space, where you can come as you are and leave as you want to be. Transformation happens and healing is possible. Let’s connect. I believe in you!

Let’s Stay in Touch

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