How to Transform Your Skin Using Healthier Products that Work All Day


👉 Have beauty and personal care products that marry both safety and performance and don’t compromise your health and wellbeing.

👉 Optimize your skincare routine using four streamlined steps that work together in harmony to deliver the best results for your skin with the most cost savings.

👉 Have makeup that performs without using harmful ingredients like heavy metals that are still allowed to be used in beauty products in the United States today.

👉 Swap out your personal care products for healthier options for yourself and the entire family including men, babies, and children.

👉 Transform your skin using products that fight daily environmental stressors and last throughout the full days of working and caring for our families for optimum results. 

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     Testimonial (Yours Truly)








“As a kidney cancer survivor, I have to be very conscious of the food that goes into my body. I am always examining nutrition labels. Prior to Beautycounter, I had very little knowledge about an actual skincare routine.

I know now what you put on your skin matters just as much as what you eat. I decided to try it not only because its a safer option but also because I saw other people’s results and I thought that it was maybe ‘too good to be true’. The very first products that I tried were the cleansing balm and charcoal bar, and I fell completely in love.

My skin is brighter, cleaner, and safer. I decided to work with Lindsay because she is so passionate, knowledgeable, and caring.  My skincare routine and life have been forever transformed and I am so grateful.”


Beautycounter Client, Realtor, & Golden Retriever Mama

“I met Lindsay several years ago we she launched her business and was immediately drawn to her energy. It didn’t feel like she was selling a product, she was simply sharing her story.

When I met Lindsay, I was looking for a cleaner/safer skincare and makeup line, in particular something that would help with age spots and my uneven skin tone.

I’ve never had the confidence to leave the house without full makeup on. I have loved every product I have purchased, in particular the Overnight Resurfacing Peel, the All Bright C Serum (smells and feels divine on your skin) in conjunction with the Countertime anti-aging regimen. I am beyond pleased and have a new found confidence with no trouble walking out the door with just mascara, lipstick, and sunscreen! My skin simply glows, not just from the outside but from the inside.

Beautycounter is a game changer and Lindsay is all about educating.. I want to soak up her energy and her knowledge!”


Beautycounter Client, Accountant, & Mama

I met Lindsay three years ago and realized what a fantastic and authentic person she was.  Speaking from her own experience, sharing her health & skincare story, and sharing what works, makes it easy to entrust your skincare routines to her and Beautycounter.

I personally love the Flawless in Five discounted makeup bundle – as a mom and business owner, I need to look polished quickly.  The color intense lipsticks (like my favorite – Girls Night Out) are in beautiful, bold colors and feel silky.  I also cannot live with out my eyebrow pencil and liquid eyeliner.

With Lindsay’s knowledge and guidance, and Beautycounter’s high safety and performance standards, I know I will always bee in good hands when it comes to my skin and makeup needs.” 

Jennifer M.

Beautycounter Client, Interior Designer, & Mama

Have Additional Questions? I’ve got you covered!

How do I purchase Beautycounter products from you?

By visiting Thank you for supporting my small business and our clean beauty mission!

Do you host virtual skincare/makeup consultations?

Yes! You can start by filling out this brief questionnaire. You can then book your call following questionnaire submission. I can’t wait to connect!

What if the Beautycounter products don’t work for me after I’ve purchased them?

We have a 60 day money back guarantee return policy. All you do is access the free return label and follow the instructions on our website

To decrease likelihood of returns, prior to purchase to find you the optimum fit in terms of product selection and shades, you can start by filling out this brief questionnaireYou can book your call following questionnaire submission.

Are there any perks to being a recurring Beautycounter shopper?

Yes! It’s called our Band of Beauty Membership rewards program.
Think of our Band of Beauty Member Program as the Amazon prime of safer skincare – this is the BEST way to get a high performing, safer skincare on a budget.

Let me share how it works!
– Cost: $29 annually
– 10% Product Credit with Every Order (good for 90 days)
– Free Shipping on orders over $100
– Other Special Offers Exclusively for Members!
– No auto-ships or monthly purchase requirements!
– A Free Gift of our Think Clean Welcome Set ($43 value) of our best selling Overnight Resurfacing Peel and Charcoal Facial Mask when you make a purchase of $50 or more at sign up!

If you plan on making more than one purchase with Beautycounter and/or spending more than $100 on your purchase, I highly recommend joining Band of Beauty as it rewards you for simply making your normal purchases! 

I love hosting gatherings! Do I have an opportunity to host a virtual or in person event with you to help educate my network around the topic of clean beauty?

Yes! And we have host rewards!! Hosts have the opportunity to receive up to 5 free and 5 half off products. If you feel moved by the clean beauty movement and you want to share it with your friends and family, you can host a pop up. I will bring all the products to your location of your choice/virtually and share this information! As the host, you will have an opportunity to not only spread the word about safe skin care, you will also earn some amazing products for free! Go to the Connect page on this website for inquiries.

Are Beautycounter products safe to use during pregnancy and/or nursing?

At Beautycounter, products are crafted with safety in mind, especially for those who might be extra vulnerable – like pregnant women and babies. All ingredients are carefully screened and assessed for 23 distinct, safety endpoints, including reproductive toxicity. That said, as pregnancy affects everyone differently, check with your doctor before beginning the use of any products if pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant. 

Is Beautycounter packaging recyclable and/or sustainable?

Reducing resource use is of paramount importance to Beautycounter’s packaging development process. FSC-certified paper is used for paper packaging and product literature. Much of the product packaging, including shipper boxes and filler paper, is recyclable in most communities in North America. Additionally, Beautycounter has partnered with How2Recycle to provide our Clients and Members with comprehensive disposal information for the products.

In addition to these product-specific disposal labels, How2Recycle supports Beautycounter in our pursuit of more sustainable packaging by providing cutting-edge research and waste expert insights. Those resources complement Beautycounter’s Packaging Scorecard, which helps guide decision-making around packaging development. It incorporates indicators for energy use, water use, recoverability, emissions potential, and other critical impacts.

How Beautycounter packages products is as important as the formulas themselves. That’s why Beautycounter rigorously screens every packaging material for safety as well as environmental impacts.

Beautycounter does not use styrene-based (#6), PVC (#3), or polycarbonate plastics (#7), which are usually not recyclable and are known to include toxic chemicals. Beautycounter uses glass containers for some of our products; however, glass is heavy and carbon-intensive to ship, so glass packaging is evaluated on a product-specific basis.

Does Beautycounter test on animals?

Beautycounter takes the safety of our environment and animals very seriously. None of Beautycounter’s products are tested on animals, and it’s require that all Beautycounter’s contract manufacturers confirm that they do not test on animals. I am proud to report Beautycounter is Leaping Bunny certified! 

Does Beautycounter test every ingredient?

Regarding Beautycounter’s commitment to ingredient safety, it is important to differentiate between ingredient screening and testing. Through their strict Ingredient Selection Process, they perform a hazard and risk assessment on every ingredient they consider for inclusion in our formulas. They review up-to-date authoritative lists (such as global regulatory standards) and scientific research for evidence of human health and ecological hazard for each ingredient. Specific hazards they assess include carcinogenicity, developmental toxicity, mutagenicity, allergenicity, and potential hormone disruption to name a few.

Therefore, any information that they acquire on certain hazards that requires animal testing (such as carcinogenicity) is obtained through publicly available research data from regulatory agencies. Beautycounter does not test our products on animals, nor do they ask others to do so. They do not believe that finished personal care/cosmetic products should be ever tested on animals, but they will not disregard data that has been previously generated on specific ingredient safety that can provide critical guidance for the overall safety of an ingredient.

It is important to remember that heavy metals are natural elements, and although there are several heavy metals that are essential nutrients (such as iron or zinc) or harmless, there are heavy metals that can be very toxic to the human body at very low levels of exposure (such as lead or mercury). Heavy metals can make their way into cosmetics through minerals, clays, and both natural and synthetic colorants, and it is difficult to assess the potential human health risk by screening alone.

To ensure that Beautycounter products pass their strict heavy metal standards, they test every batch of our color cosmetics for heavy metals prior to bringing the product to market. They understand that there are data gaps with both natural and synthetic colorants, and they are constantly reviewing updated regulatory safety standards where they exist (from the European Union, Canada, etc.) to refine their strict heavy metal limits. They advocate for smart, health-protective research and will continue to review available data and improve their products based on new findings and ingredient innovation.

I've heard Beautycounter is the leader in clean beauty and sustainability? What sets them apart from other companies?

You can check out everything Beautycounter is doing to lead the way as a company with their latest social mission report.