How to Work from Home on YOUR Terms While Creating a Life of Purpose and Flexibility without Developing Your Own Product or Service 


👉 Work a flexibile home-based business, so that you can create a life on your terms while feeling energized and abundant without the burnout or overwhelm. 

👉 Create a life on your terms, so that you can work from home authentically and stay true to who you are without feeling “salesy” or having any sales experience.

👉 Have fulfillment while working from home, so that you can enhance your existing relationships and form new ones without having an existing large network.

👉 Be held by a community of like-minded women, so that you can be a part of something that is much bigger than yourself without lone-wolfing it. 

👉 Create purpose, so that you can have a meaningful career or side passion project, without feeling unfulfilled in your day to day. 

Ready to start your home-based business while creating a life on YOUR terms packed with purpose and flexibility without having to develop your own product or service?! Click the button below to get started!


We are the bringers of joy.
We light up the world.
We shine, which gives others permission to do the same.
We’ve got soul.
We are magnetic.
We live in our bodies.
We have transformed the relationship with ourselves.
We are empowered.
We link arms with women to bring them with us on this journey of self acceptance + unconditional love.
We feel the permission to say yes to ourselves wholeheartedly.
We nurture our bodies…
Through food, movement, self care, clean products, positive relationships, + careers that light us up.
We are the lightworkers of the world.
We create connection through our stories.
We live a life of vibrancy + vitality.
We are the Shakers + Shifters, the Movers + Makers.
We are fully awake + alive.
We are advocates for change.
We are the pioneers of a new paradigm
We are progress, not perfection.
We live in our bodies, where the feminine lives in synergy with the masculine.
We are a community of soulful success stories.
We are ambitious, high-performing women.
We are work at home mamas, stay at home mamas, + fur baby mamas.
We are single females, corporate women, + powerhouse female business owners
We are pioneers for change.
We are a community of sisters.
Our journeys are the catalyst to show up for ourselves, and to show up for you.
We are here for you. We see you. We hear you.
We are here to empower you to live counter.



I decided to start my own business journey when I was transitioning between jobs, & I wanted to fill the time with something I was passionate about, while still working in the skincare industry. 

In the time I’ve worked with Lindsay, I continue to grow more in awe of her leadership & passion. She truly has molded herself to become a powerful leader in our organization. Her ability to coach others was demonstrated time & time again in our meetings & the massive results I saw in my business & client relationships.

I am now much more confident in myself as a whole, & I have solidified my passion in educating others. I have also learned so much about becoming an ent-repreneur, time management, leader-ship, & public speaking.  I have added an additional source of income & added fulfillment to my life. Lastly, I’ve gained a community of smart, self-assured, & kind women who have become a vital support system.

No part of this process would have been so seamless or as prolific without Lindsay’s gentle yet unwavering guidance along the way.”

Kaitlyn B.

Beautycounter Consultant + Skin Medical Professional

“Before I was introduced to Beautycounter, I was a stay at home mom looking to help provide additional income while still having the freedom & flexibly to spend with my little ones. My love for educating others about clean living & healthier habits aligned perfectly with Beautycounter’s vision! 

Lindsay is kind, encouraging, & most of all such a bright light. She is a wealth of knowledge which she leverages to help our team to grow, advance and reach our many goals. Lindsay is a consistent asset to our organization. She’s brought new ideas to every meeting & provided a fresh perspective when our team was stuck in our habits.

She’s helped me grow so much as a person, I’ve gained so much confidence, & take pride in the business that she has helped me to create.

Lindsay is always encouraging me to dream big, & go for it while also teaching me to be patient with myself & learn when to listen to my body & rest. I can’t say enough positive things about her mentorship. She has truly found her calling while also helping others to do the same. Grateful & proud that I can call her a friend.”

Kayla B.

Beautycounter Consultant + Stay at Home Mama

“I never considered any sort of direct sales business or “side hustle”. I have my Doctorate in Physical Therapy & had solid career path, when I began with Beauty-counter. 

Before I discovered Beautycounter, I had become slightly more versed in the world of “natural” skincare, however couldn’t find anything that was really delivering results. Lindsay dropped off some products for me to try (after witnessing her amazing skin transformation) for a few days & I was immediately sold. Several of my colleagues immediately noted a change in my skin also. 

So, I decided to dive right in and become a consultant! I figured I had nothing to lose & would at least get a great discount!

Well, that was 2.5 years ago and I was so grateful that I said YES & for Lindsay’s guidance, leadership, tenacity & encour-agement. With her help, I have reached the leadership role of Director in the company & have had the privilege to mentor & work with so many amazing women. This business has made it possible for me to put my PT career on hold right now & be home with my 1 year old daughter. I can work from anywhere & the sky is the limit!”
Caitlin M.

Beautycounter Consultant + Physical Therapist


How do I sign up as a Beautycounter consultant under you?
How do I sign up as a Beautycounter consultant with you as my mentor?

Click here to enroll and follow the simple steps (it only takes a few minutes)! Make sure during the ‘select mentor’ step that it lists Lindsay Marten as your mentor. 

What are the perks of becoming a Beautycounter consultant?

Consultants may earn up to 35% commission on sales to their Clients and Band of Beauty Members. In addition, Consultants who enroll other Consultants may earn bonuses and override commissions for mentoring and leading their teams. Beautycounter also offers special bonuses and exciting incentives including trips, exclusive Beautycounter items, and access to invitation-only events. As a special perk, Consultants may purchase most of our products at a 25% savings.

How much does it cost to become a Beautycounter consultant?

To enroll, it’s required to purchase a $98 Enrollment Kit, which includes materials and products. It also provides access to our Consultant technology platform. This includes a Personalized Website available to the public to accept orders and enrollments, access to our full-featured mobile app, and use of Behind the Counter (which allows Consultants to manage their sales and teams, take advantage of training and tools, and more). Consultants also receive access to onboarding and development training, as well as coaching and mentoring from Beautycounter.on.

How much can I expect to earn as a Beautycounter consultant?

In general, Consultants who dedicate the most time and effort to Beautycounter earn the most in financial rewards. To see information showing the earnings of all Beautycounter Consultants, please refer to the Income Disclosure Statement.

Do I have to purchase or keep an inventory of products as a Beautycounter consultant?

No, there are no minimum purchases or inventory requirements. Sales to Clients and Members may be placed directly with Beautycounter and sent directly to the customer from our warehouse. You may also receive credit for sales when Clients and Members shop directly with Beautycounter online and even in our retail stores (they must specify you as their Consultant at the time of checkout).

If you wish to purchase Beautycounter products to build first-hand experience with them and share them with others, you may choose to purchase an assortment of products. Specially curated Starter Sets are available at considerable savings at the time of your enrollment. Beautycounter also offers a generous risk-free return policy for all purchases.

Can I become a Beautycounter consultant even if I work for another direct sales company?

Yes! Beautycounter’s Consultant community includes people with a variety of interests. Consultants affiliated with other companies should read the Policies and Procedures carefully upon enrollment. As part of the Agreement during enrollment, Consultants agree that they will not solicit other Beautycounter Consultants to join other direct/social/peer-to-peer sales companies.

Do I have to sell a certain amount every month as a Beautycounter consultant?

In order to advance to leadership as a Consultant and earn overrides, selling to Clients and Members is expected, and monthly volume targets apply. Joining Beautycounter as a Consultant is a special affiliation for those who intend to share our brand and Mission with others by selling our products. In order to remain a Consultant, you must accrue at least 1,200 in Qualifying Volume (QV) every six months. This amount includes your personal orders and sales to Clients and Members. Those Consultants who do not meet this Consultant activity requirement will be offered a complimentary one-year membership to our Band of Beauty program.

What happens if I decide being a Beautycounter consultant is not the right fit for me?

I am here to support you, and I understand that situations and personal interests change over time. If you begin to feel that being a Beautycounter Consultant is not right for you after you enroll, please do not hesitate to share your concerns with me. Should you wish to conclude your time as a Consultant, please contact our Support team. Contact information is available on the Contact Us page here.